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What Pioneers Do…..

1 Volunteer Hour=$25 x 567,488 hours=$14,187,200 donated back to our communities


New Vision Pioneers volunteered 567,488 hours of their time in 2014


Beach and park clean-ups


Volunteer at Veteran Administration Hospitals


Join New Vision Pioneers and “Answer The Call of Those In Need.”


Make and distribute Hug A Bears


Paint Pioneer Playground MAP on school playgrounds


Provide books and read to students


Volunteer at soup kitchens and food pantries


Repair Talking Books for the Library of Congress


Make and distribute Heart Pillows

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As I reflect on yet another year gone by, it continually amazes me at how much we have individually and collectively accomplished.

We had several key initiatives this year which I would like to share some amazing statistics with you.

Dodds Fund Grant –  Happy Feet and Minds – Providing Shoes and Books for those in need.

Number of Organizations impacted 16 • Number of Clients impacted 2944 • Number of Volunteers 246 • Number of Volunteer Hours 3115 • Number of states impacted: 12 • Grant Amount: $8023.47 • Grant amount per Chapter $445.00 • Additional Chapter Funds used $17,648.25.

TelecomPioneers Charitable Fund Grant – Answering the Call of Those in Need, a Kaleidoscope of Projects

Number of Organizations impacted 53 • Number of Clients impacted 4130 • Number of Volunteers 327 • Number of Volunteer Hours 1450 • Value of Volunteer Hours@$25 per hr. $36,250 • Number of states impacted: 11 • Grant Amount: $37,656 • Grant amount per Chapter $2092.00 • Additional Chapter Funds used $14,856.28

Dish It Up – Feeding Families Healthy Food

During Pioneer Week, Pioneers collected 14,825 pounds of food and distributed it to over 20 Food Banks and Pantries in our 12 state area.

These are just a few of the organized efforts Pioneers undertook during 2015. In addition they sewed and distributed countless Hug-a-Bears and Heart Pillows, knitted afghans and lap robes and baby hats to be donated to local hospitals and senior care facilities, we assisted shelters with collecting/purchasing goods to get a family or homeless individual back on their feet, we honored our military by holding Bingo games, or barbecues or making dinner for our homeless veterans. We held the hands of many who just needed the touch and fellowship of another who cared enough to reach out.

This is just a small part of what Pioneers do on a day to day basis to make their communities and the people who live there a bit better.

We are the hands and feet in the community and we thank everyone that is a Pioneer. Whether you are able to Volunteer or provide funding through your dues or make a donation to our campaigns. It is all good and all worthwhile.

Thank you from the 18 chapters of the New Vision Pioneers.

Best Wishes for a wonderful Holiday and an even better 2016,

Deborah Foley


New Vision Pioneers


   Volunteers Poem

Dedicated hearts like yours
Are not so easy to find.
It takes a special person to be
So generous and kind.

To care so much for your fellow man
Is a quality all too rare.
Yet you give of your time and talents,
For all in need to share.

So thank you for being a volunteer,
I am privileged to stand with you.
I want you to know how appreciated you are,
Not just today, but the whole year through.

Thank You New Vision Pioneers for all you do!